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Born and raised in Oklahoma, I moved to New York City to attend NYU Tisch School of the Arts where I received my BFA in Theater and a minor in Developmental Psych.

After graduating, I worked as a full-time performance artist, which was both thrilling and exhausting. I didn't know I needed a break until I was forced into one.

When the COVID lockdown happened in 2020, I co-founded Cyber Collective's virtual event space. We had a focus on generating income for LGBTQ+ BIPOC performers who were unable to qualify for pandemic relief. During that time, I realized my love of business development, marketing, and branding. Any free time I had was spent expanding my knowledge of graphic design and the necessary programs such as Adobe Suite and Affinity Software. Graphic Design and coding have always been an interest of mine since first learning to explore the internet in the early 2000s; I just didn't realize until recently that it could be a career path.

As I began to explore this avenue, I also started working in the administrative world. All of my employers (throughout several verticals, such as event planning, hospitality, and recruitment) expressed to me that my true strengths were in graphic design and marketing.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling all over the world, and I try my best to document what I see in photography, specifically film. I love shooting with my dad's old Canon AE-1. I also have been finding a creative outlet in creating digital art in the style of midcentury linocuts. 

When I am not creating or working, I am either hiking along the Taconic Ridge, snuggling with my partner and my cats, listening to audiobooks while practicing embroidery, or cooking with my friends!


Adobe Creative Suite
Affinity Software
SEO & Analytics



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