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Web Design


The design concept for Just Call Me Shirley is vibrant and playful, capturing the nostalgia of a classic Shirley Temple with a modern twist. The logo features the retro, curly Marons font, complemented by a cherry icon, while the overall typography mixes bold, modern sans-serif fonts for readability. The color palette includes cherry red and a comfortable nostalgic blue against a vanilla-beige background, evoking a fresh and fun atmosphere. Packaging showcases bright, eye-catching colors with playful illustrations of cherries, citrus slices, and soda bubbles, appealing to both nostalgic adults and new customers. The website mirrors the packaging with dynamic visuals, engaging animations, and an intuitive layout, enhancing the user experience. Marketing materials, featuring bold, fun designs and vibrant visuals, emphasize themes of nostalgia, celebration, and sophistication, targeting young professionals and adults seeking a convenient yet premium cocktail experience. The overall aesthetic blends playful nostalgia with modern sophistication, making Just Call Me Shirley a memorable and enjoyable brand in the beverage market.

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